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«Health. Medical ecology. Science»

Far Eastern medical science and practical journal​

Founder: Boris G. Andryukov, MD


FGKU "1477 Naval Clinical Hospital" Defense of the Russian Federation.

Vladivostok Branch of the Federal State Budgetary Institution Far Eastern Scientific Centre of Physiology and Pathology of Respiration under the Siberian Branch of Russian Academy of Medical Sciences – Institute of Medical Climatology and Rehabilitation.

Federal State Scientific Institution "Research Institute of Epidemiology and Microbiology named after G.P. Somov".

Registration certificate: МПТР РФ ПИ №20-0385 от 21.04.2004 г.

Editor-in-Chief - Boris G. Andryukov, MD

Editorial team:

Besednova N.N., RAS Academician, MD, professor
Gel’tcher B.I., RAS Corresponding Member, MD, professor
Gvozdenko T.A., MD, professor
Kiku P.F., MD, professor
Luchaninova V.N., MD, professor
Sementchov V.K., MD (Moscow)
Somova L.M. MD, professor
Suleimanov S.Sh., MD, professor
Khristoforova N.K., MD, professor

Editorial council:

Antonyuk M.V., MD, professor
Myznikov I.L., MD (Sankt-Petersburg)
Kalinin A.V., MD
Kalinskiy P.P., MD
Maslov D.V.
Medzhidova H.M., CM (Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy)
Novgorodtceva T.P., Sc.D, professor
Seyidov V.G., MD
Caen Liu, MD (China, Shanghai)
Hiram Misra, MD, professor (India, Bombay)
Toshifumi Mamoru, MD, professor (Japan, Kyoto)

Executive Secretary - Svetlana B. Andryukova

Managing editor - L.V. Yurchenko

Art editor - Yu.N. Rozhkov

Translator - G.D. Berger

Proof-reader - S.F. Volkova

Layout editor - S.P. Solov’yov

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